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---- / 2014 / -------------------------------------------------------

Logger When you test your Android app on a device you may not be able to use ADB. In this case you can use this class which is based on standard JUL API and can redirect log messages to a different destinations (file, socket connection, LogCat, etc.).
Moreover this class register its handler for uncaught exceptions, so when such exceptions arrise it also redirects them to the choosen destinations.
MagicSequence Given a sequence of numbers:
Need to find how to continue it. This Android app helps to do this :) Quite interesting that after I generated 33rd number I did not get numbers larger then 3 in them.

---- / 2013 / -------------------------------------------------------

LinkedScrollViews This is demo project which demonstrates floating view which can be scrolled from the top as it is done in recent versions of Chrome browser for Android. The goal was to implement similar effect and I have implemented it using two nested ScrollView's (inner and outer).
Waves Given a task to write waves generator program. Waves should be generated when user taps on the screen. New waves should cover the old waves. Waves should expand from the place of tapping from the bottom border in all directions. This is a demonstration Android application of the algorithm to generate the waves and draw them.

---- / 2011 / -------------------------------------------------------

8puzzle Code which relates to the 8puzzle problem and which looks for a solution for it. The code provides two versions of an algorithms for problem solving: breadth-first search, depth-first search. It can search for more than one goal state. The package also includes GUI for 8puzzle problem. Was tested against 2x2 and 3x3 fields (Java, Swing, JUnit)
generateTOC table of content (TOC) generator program which helps to create TOC for HTML documents (Perl)
contribution to WinMerge (C++, MFC)
hashtable hashtable class implementation (C++)
makeTreeFromHeap Implementaion of iteration algorithm for convertation tree structure from the heap representation to the nodes (C++)
Patch#3301225 this patch relates to Info-ZIP command line utility "zip" (version 31c). Provides support of adding new files to the archive under specific entry (C)

---- / 2010 / -------------------------------------------------------

XMLConvertor allows for conversion of XML files in java objects and vice versa (Java, SAX)
ENDLSTJOB i5/OS command-line program which ends latest job in job queue (CL)
plugins for bbLean (C++, bbAPI, WinAPI)
FilePropertiesDialog is a command-line program which shows Windows "File Properties" dialog box for specified file or directory (C++, WinAPI)
HardDrivesMenu is a command-line program which shows windows GUI ListBox menu with all available local drives (C++, WinAPI)
3ds2wave This utility helps to convert your 3D image files from 3ds format to wavefront format. It implements conversion only for first 3D object described in 3ds file (other objects are skipped). It converts vertices, and some piece of material info (i.e. name) (Java 5, NIO API)
LinkedList implementation of the Linked List (C)
MemoryAllocator helps to save the efforts of allocating each time chunks of small capacity. It allocates one huge chunk of memory in heap and manages access to it (C)

---- / 2006 / -------------------------------------------------------

tcpanalyzer TCP traffic analyzer for Linux (C, RAW sockets)
TaskMan extended task manager for mobile phones with Symbian 60 or MIDP >= 2.0 support (Java ME)
deskillusion virtual desktop manager for Windows (C++, STL, WinAPI, MFC)

---- / 2005 / -------------------------------------------------------

filter Linux kernel module, which prevents from nmap OS fingerprint (C, LKM)
viper Linux console game (C++, ncurses library, GNU utils)
scale app for mobile phones which converts decimal numbers, to another scales (Java ME)
myServer, agrep advisories

---- / 2004 / -------------------------------------------------------

fetchcgi, SignatureDB advisories